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What should we pay attention to when installing all welded ball valve?

Source: Date:2021.12.28

Because the valve seat of all welded ball valve is composed of carbonized Teflon sealing ring and disc spring, it has strong adaptability to the changes of pressure and temperature, and will not produce any leakage within the marked pressure and temperature range.

Pay attention to the following 7 points during the installation of all welded ball valve:

1. Be careful in construction and installation, and avoid hitting the valve made of brittle materials.

2. Before installation, check the valve, check the specification and model, and identify whether there is damage, especially for the valve stem. Also turn a few times to see if it is skewed, because the valve rod is easy to be bumped and skewed during transportation.

3. Also remove the sundries in the valve.

4. When lifting the valve, the rope shall not be tied to the hand wheel or valve stem of the fully welded ball valve to avoid damaging these parts. It shall be tied to the flange.

5. The pipeline connected to the valve must be cleaned. Compressed air can be used to blow away iron oxide chips, sediment, welding slag and other sundries. These sundries are not only easy to scratch the sealing surface of the valve, but also large particle sundries (such as welding slag) can block the small valve and make it ineffective.

6. When installing the screw thread balance valve, the sealing packing (hemp plus lead oil or PTFE raw material belt) shall be wrapped on the pipe thread and shall not be put into the valve to avoid accumulation in the valve and affect the medium circulation. When installing the flange all welded ball valve, pay attention to tighten the bolts symmetrically and evenly. The valve flange and pipe flange must be parallel with reasonable clearance to avoid excessive pressure and even cracking of the valve. Pay special attention to brittle materials and valves with low strength.

7. For such valves that must be welded with the pipe, such as integrated fully welded ball valve, spot welding shall be carried out first, then the closing parts shall be fully opened, and then welded.

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