The speed and reliability of fluid automation solutions meet the requirements of the market

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Wosheng valve industry provides services for many industries

Every service is for the ultimate delivery of products
  • Power Industry
    Power Industry
  • Petroleum Metallurgy
    Petroleum Metallurgy
  • Chemical Pharmaceutical
    Chemical Pharmaceutical
  • construction Industry
    Construction Industry
  • Shipping Industry
    Shipping Industry
  • Municipal Administration
    Municipal Administration

Wosheng fluid control equipment·6 pre sales service systems

  • 04 Develop Solutions

    The professional technical team will follow up the whole process and provide you with one-stop service and solutions.
  • 05 Provide Quotation Scheme

    For the product scheme, a specially assigned person will provide you with the product quotation scheme and follow up the whole process.
  • 06 Determination of Delivery Cycle

    Confirm the delivery cycle with you. The regular products will be delivered within one week, and the customized products will be proofed within one week.
  • 01 Understand Customer Needs

    Communicate with you in detail, understand your needs in detail, and solve your actual product needs.
  • 02 Introduction to Product Selection

    According to your product requirements, we will introduce to you the product model or customized product type more suitable for your needs.
  • 03 Product Function Introduction

    The professional technical team will introduce the product function, product value and use method in detail.
  • Wosheng fluid control equipment· 4 testing services

  • Material review

    Wosheng has strictly reviewed all incoming materials, conducted extensive tests, insisted on reviewing raw material suppliers, and selected high-quality suppliers for inspection and acceptance according to standards.

  • NDE

    As part of its ongoing quality program, Wosheng conducted a full range of nondestructive testing. Find unqualified products as soon as possible, improve the manufacturing process and improve the reliability of product quality.

  • Special Test

    Wosheng can carry out various special tests according to the requirements of users. Please tell us what tests you need. 100% inspection system, implement the whole process quality monitoring, meticulous and all-round inspection.

  • Production Test

    200000 opening and closing times, durable. It has passed 200000 switch life tests, 20 times that required by the industrial standard GB / t26712-2011. It is durable (internal test data, for reference only).

  • Fill in your contact information and get the quotation

    Wosheng will provide you with professional fluid control products and services!