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Jiangsu wosheng valve industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to the R & D, manufacturing, sales and market promotion of gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve and intelligent temperature control balance valve. Through the continuous efforts of the owner of the company, it has developed into an advanced valve manufacturer in the domestic and foreign markets.
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Wosheng Valve Industry · High Quality Strength of Welded Ball Valve

Fluid control high-end product solution provider

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Wosheng valve - R & D strength
R & DR & D Strength

The professional team has worked in the thermal industry for 20 years. The national participating unit of welded ball valve, advanced technology and 6S modern industrial management meet the requirements of the developing fluid automation market for innovation, reliability and speed.


Gravity casting, integrated molding, durable enough materials, high precision (error ± 5%), smooth fluid, no turbulence and no vibration. Multi layer bright electroplating, small friction coefficient, long service life, strong corrosion resistance, no leakage and "zero" waste.


Strict quality control standards: check at all levels, multiple testing and certification (raw material testing, production testing, semi-finished product testing, sampling and prenatal testing). It has passed 200000 switch life tests, which is 20 times higher than the requirements of the industry standard GB / t26712-2011 (internal test data, for reference only).


Integrate and track maintenance management data globally, predict risks and failure analysis, formulate feasible schemes, reduce maintenance downtime, reduce repair volume by 18%, control physical time and cost, and reduce total cost by 33%.

High precision valve

Professional engineering projects, quality valves, fluid equipment, trust brand

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Wosheng Valve Industry · Product Center

Smooth streamline, no turbulence, no vibration, corrosion resistance, no leakage, "zero" waste

Industry specific valve solutions

Design and production to meet the actual engineering needs

As an important supplier and manufacturer in the solution field of the global fluid industry, Jiangsu wosheng valve industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing a full set of solutions for users of electric power, new energy, petroleum metallurgy, chemical pharmacy, ship transportation, construction, water conservancy, municipal engineering and general industrial systems. With global marketing network, perfect quality management system, advanced factory supporting capacity and rich technical experience, wosheng valve provides high-quality valve products for end users all over the world

Wosheng Case · From Trust

Each industry needs a different set of requirements and manufacturing needs. We can configure the right solution for your project. The products are widely used in electric power, new energy, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, pharmacy, construction, shipbuilding, water conservancy, municipal, drainage and other industries.

Wosheng Testing · Strict Quality Control Standards

Raw material testing, production testing, semi-finished product testing, sampling and prenatal testing

Cooperative Customers · Quality Wins Trust

Provide fluid control system solutions for thousands of customers

Professional engineering project quality valve, fluid equipment, trust brand, one-stop fluid control product solution, the same valve, but also your different quality, your idea, our solution, made in China, let our fluid products run on every pipeline of customers at home and abroad.

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