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Disassembly method of all welded ball valve

Source: Date:2021.12.21

Disassembly method of all welded ball valve:

Before disassembling the all welded ball valve, the valve shall be in the half open state first to prevent the damage of various impurities in the valve body to the sealing material, and remove the possible impurities in the valve body at the same time.

Then we can close the ball valve, remove the bolts, nuts and other connecting parts on the two flanges, and then remove the valve from the pipeline.

Then we will disassemble the driving equipment, actuator, connecting bracket, washer, nut, valve stem packing, etc. one by one, and then remove the connecting bolt and nut, separate the valve cover from its valve body, and remove the gasket inside the valve cover.

Ensure that when the valve ball is closed, we can easily take out the valve body and valve seat respectively; Then take out the valve stem, O-ring, packing under the valve stem and other components.

We should pay attention to the slight and careful action to avoid unnecessary damage to the surface of the valve stem and other sealing parts such as the valve body stuffing box.

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