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What is the cause of overload of large diameter all welded ball valve

Source: Date:2021.12.30

The large-diameter all welded ball valve is mainly applicable to the pipelines of various systems in thermal power plants, cutting off or connecting the pipeline medium. Compared with other valve products, welded valves are characterized by high temperature and high pressure and unique self sealing design. The higher the pressure is, the more reliable the sealing is.

Large diameter all welded ball valve is widely used in various fields. Its superior quality and high-performance stability can not be achieved by ordinary cast steel ball valve. Its service life is much longer than that of cast steel ball valve. It is widely used in urban gas, urban heating, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, steel, pressure regulating station, power plant and other pipeline equipment. The large-diameter all welded ball valve can be directly buried underground without building a large valve well to reduce the project cost. At the same time, it can avoid personal injury caused by operating the valve and can be operated reliably for a long time. Under the condition of normal operation and use of the valve, the warranty period is 10 years.

It is generally applicable to water, solvent and acid natural gas. Through the general medium and applicable working conditions, the medium is designed through hydrogen oxide, the overall combination form and working principle are smooth and light, while the volume is small and can be made into a large-diameter seal, which is more reliable and the structure is relatively simple. It can be widely used in all walks of life by washing the medium under normal conditions.

What causes the overload of large-diameter all welded ball valve:

1. Overload caused by problems in working power supply. We know that each type of electrical equipment has a specific working environment when working, such as power environment. If we don't configure the power supply for these devices according to the specified working environment.

Then it will naturally affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, for the operation, the low pressure of the power supply may also lead to its overload operation.

2. Errors in the operation of some parts during installation. For example, when debugging the torque limiting mechanism, it was not carried out in accordance with the specified operating specifications, resulting in its abnormal operation; This will also make the all welded ball overload operation, which will undoubtedly greatly reduce the service life and functional value of the equipment.

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