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Where is the electric three eccentric butterfly valve mainly suitable for use?

Source: Date:2021.12.15

At this stage, the electrically controlled three eccentric butterfly valve is mainly for a regulating machine for flow. At present, the pressure loss of the butterfly valve in the pipeline will be relatively large. Of course, in addition to the above, it should also be considered that the butterfly plate needs to bear a medium pressure of the pipeline when it is closed. In addition, when the elastic seat material is at high temperature, the working temperature also needs to be considered.

At present, the structural length and overall height of the valve body are relatively small, the opening and closing speed is relatively fast, and it also has some characteristics of fluid control. The structural principle of the butterfly valve is mainly suitable for manufacturing large-diameter valves. And when the flow control of butterfly valve is required, the size and model of butterfly valve shall be correctly selected to ensure that the butterfly valve can work correctly and improve work efficiency.

In the process of throttling, regulation and mud mixing, the main requirements are the short length of the structure and the speed of opening and closing. At present, the pressure difference of low pressure cutoff is relatively small. At this stage, it is recommended to select butterfly valve for adjustment and maintenance.

Butterfly valve can be selected for double position adjustment, necking channel, low noise, cavitation, vaporization, a small amount of atmospheric leakage and abrasive medium.

At present, the main throttling regulation under special working conditions requires tight sealing. Perhaps when the butterfly valve is used under severe wear and low temperature (cryogenic) conditions, it is necessary to adopt a specially designed metal sealing belt adjustment device and adopt a special butterfly valve with three eccentricity or double eccentricity.

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