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How does the all welded ball valve work

Source: Date:2021.12.13

Electric all welded ball valve, as its name implies, is an all welded ball valve driven by electric energy. The actuator is an electric actuator. Therefore, the electric all welded ball valve not only has the advantages of simple structure and simple operation, but also has the high-speed opening and closing of electric actuator.

From the name of electric all welded ball valve, the main energy source of its drive is electricity. It is driven by electricity to drive the valve plate to open or close the valve. According to different functions, the actuator of electric all welded ball valve can be divided into switch type and regulation type. In short, the switch type is to let the valve only open or close, while the regulation can adjust the flow, and the relative price will be higher than the switch type electric all welded ball valve.

The electric all welded ball valve is often installed in the pipeline, so it is unrealistic to manually switch it every time. Therefore, generally, the signal feedback device will be installed on the electric all welded ball valve. The signal feedback can be realized according to the needs of users, and then the valve can be opened, closed or adjusted remotely.

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