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All welded handle ball valve

All welded handle ball valve
Product introduction

Technical features:

1.Integral welded body,reducing the extemnal leakage.

2.Light weight,easy installation.

3.Teflon valve and seal with carbide alloy springs,so the changes in pressure and temperature adaptability,not leak within the rated pressure and temperature values.

4.Valve and pipeline of the same material.the solder connection does not produce stress caused by uneven and different materials welding defects.

5.Valve connection pipe wall thickness of the pipe wall thickness is thicker than,better able to carry piping stress.

6.Valve seal under the condition of -40 C-200 C can be used continuously without fail.

7.Valve can be welded connections,flanges,thread,etc.,can be used to open the handle,worm gear,electric and pneumatic forms and other open way.

8.Buried valve can be directly buried or just slim build chamber,operator does not need underground work,work to increase the safety factor.and can save construction costs and engineering time.

9.Buried ball can be customized according to the customer different heights and lengths,providing customers with more pipeline shutdown solution.


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