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Wosheng valve industry participated in the 10th heating technology and Enterprise Management Informatization Forum and the second China smart heating Summit Forum, which was a complete success

Source: Date:2021.12.19

On June 15, as one of the important sub forums of the 16th China International Software and Information Service Fair, the 10th heating technology and Enterprise Management Informatization Forum and the second China smart heating Summit Forum successfully closed in Dalian World Expo Plaza.


Wosheng valve industry also participated in the forum. Our company focuses on the R & D, production, sales and energy-saving technology integration services of all welded ball valves. It is an environmental protection enterprise specializing in the production of all welded ball valves (dn15-dn1400) and providing pipeline shutdown outcome scheme. Our company displayed a number of products and technologies at the venue and learned and exchanged with the participants.


The forum was co sponsored by China Urban Heating Association and the Organizing Committee of China International Software and Information Service Fair, CO organized by the thermal power special committee of China Electrical Engineering Society, and undertaken by Dalian Haixin Information Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haixin information"). The forum lasted two days and the theme was "smart heating defines a new era of industry development". More than 400 people attended the forum, the scene was full and the atmosphere was warm.

At the opening ceremony on the morning of the 14th, Tang Yi, Deputy Secretary General of Dalian municipal government, and Li Dawei, President of China Urban Heating Association, attended the forum and delivered speeches respectively. Starting from the 20-year history of Dalian software and information service industry, deputy secretary general Tang Yi affirmed the forum, an industry platform with strong vitality and cohesion, and firmly believed that the second take-off of information industry in heating industry was just around the corner. Li Dawei, President of China Urban Heating Association, mainly introduced the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technical means into the heating industry from the promotion level of national policies on clean heating, helping the heating industry develop in a more intelligent, more suitable and greener direction, and gave great encouragement.

This forum has conducted in-depth exchanges on topics such as heating technology, green energy use and sustainable energy development. The analysis of many experts is to the point and penetrating. The whole forum is wonderful.

Jiangsu wosheng valve industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated to the R & D, manufacturing, sales and pipeline shutdown solutions of all welded ball valves. It has developed into an advanced manufacturer of all welded steel ball valves in the domestic and foreign markets. The company is involved in valve manufacturing, sales and marketing, which is applicable to central heating, HVAC, refrigeration and industrial fields. 30% of the company's products are exported to more than 50 countries in the world. Wosheng valve steel ball valve has maintenance free characteristics and its service life is 25-30 years. The manufacturing of steel ball valve of wosheng valve industry meets the requirements of the market for different working conditions, materials and connection modes. The size ranges from DN15 to dn1400, and various types include threaded type, welded type, flange type, etc.

Wosheng all welded ball valve body is welded by steel pipe and forging. The ball pad is made of reinforced Teflon. The valve stem adopts explosion-proof design. Temperature range: - 40-200 ℃. All welded ball valves are widely used in long-distance pipeline fields such as natural gas, petroleum, heating, chemical industry and thermal power pipeline network.



Heating is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and improving the well-being of the people's livelihood is the foundation of development. The success of this forum shows us the great impact of the development of technology on the heating industry. We believe that it will benefit every heat user and bring more convenient and more suitable energy use experience to thousands of households. Looking back on the ten-year development process of the forum, we see the positive and upward trend of the industry, and believe that the future of smart heating will usher in a more reasonable, healthy and orderly development model.

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